• Partnership agreement on Flavors and Fragrances Jobs project fixing the operating procedures, the final programming and monitoring / evaluation tools of the project.

  • Creation of an information and expression space on internet (internet diary): Flavors and Fragrances Jobs blog. The communication group will animate this space during the project.
  • Book A: assessment of skills and training needs for companies from Flavors and Fragrances sector on the territory of each of the project partners:

Book A Final

  • Book B: Proposed an adapted training offer to the needs and challenges of Flavors and Fragrances industry:

Book B Final

  • Mid-term project evaluation report.

  • Best practice guide about structuring and development of Flavors and Fragrances sector:

Final GPG

  • Book C: Proposals for the promotion and development of Flavors and Fragrances sector business:

Book C Final

  • Book D: towards greater recognition of trades and know-how around the skills qualifications European framework:

Book D Final

  • Regional meetings Flavors and Fragrances trades: also see the section Media:

Regional Meetings Compilation