About the project

The project deals with the issue of training and employment in a sector where the market is expanding: The flavors and fragrances industries.

Local, organic, agricultural products, perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants (PAMP) as well as farm, food industry and agro-aromatic plants, this high potential sector faces a major challenge: changing the new standards and regulatory requirement (for health, consumer safety and environment protection) into a real opportunity.

The challenges lie in the development of economic activity often in rural areas, the promotion of skills and trades involving innovation as well as in the high quality and the typicality of products. These products contribute to the economy, identity and image of a territory, therefore, appearing as a factor of local economic local development.

  • Assess skills and training needs for companies from Flavors Fragrances industry in each territory of the partnership.

  • Offer adapted training to the development challenges in European, National or Regional level, in the field of production, regulation and products marketing from the Flavors & Fragrances industry and, to train employees to the new standards (environmental, sanitary constraints, consumer health, quality official signs European harmonization ...).

  • Identify Fragrances & Flavors industry trades with poorly defined contours.

  • Pool and disseminate structuring and development best practices of the Fragrances & Flavors sector.

  • Develop and promote Fragrances & Flavors industry trades, including organic sector (organically-farmed plants).

  • Work toward highlighting the value and recognition of these trades and know-how around the European skills qualifications Framework.

  • Create an European cooperation network and a framework for exchanges around the Fragrances & Flavors trades issue. Topics to be covered: future challenges in terms of employment and training, especially in rural areas.

  • What are the skills needed for Fragrances & Flavors industry employees, how to improve the qualifications in the sector?

  • What kind of ad hoc training delivering, in particular to ensure sanitary safety and complying with new regulatory standards?

  • How to develop Fragrances & Flavors industries and trades to attract / recruit new employees?

  • Final project evaluation report.